Tarumi Outer Black - PARAPOHON
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Tarumi Outer Black - PARAPOHON

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Berat 400  gram

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Sebagai salah satu sustainable fashion brand, Parapohon memiliki misi untuk menjadikan industri mode lebih beretika terhadap lingkungan.
Mengingat industri fashion konvensional adalah salah penyumbang limbah terbesar di bumi ini.

Bahan : Linen
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Why is linen better than cotton?
Linen is another top choice for a breathable fabric to wear in hot weather conditions. And it's absorbable too.
Linen has antibacterial function that perfectly neutralize the smell of sweat.
In conclusion, linen fits with every condition you handle.

Naturally breathable, linen will keep you comfortable and cool. – This classic style is an essential in every wardrobe